Real Estate Lawyer in Sicily

Basilio Antoci, Lawyer Bar Solicitor, collects debts in Italy

Real Estate Lawyer in Sicily

Do you need a real estate lawyer solicitor in Sicily? Your landmark is Basilio Antoci’s Law Firm: property management and real estate law.

Real estate lawyer in Sicily

Basilio Antoci real estate Lawyer solicitor in Sicily Italy

Your best choice!. Sicily is a wonderful Italian region. It is a big island in the extreme south of the Italy. Its famous all over the world for its sunny climate, for its great typical food and for its historical and natural beauties. There are big and modern cities like Palermo and Catania. All over the island coast there are many characteristics beaches and wonderful seaside. There are many natural trails on mount Etna – European higher active volcano – and, also, on Nebrodi and Madonie mounts. Sicily is a beautiful place to live in. The Sicilian real estate market is thriving: in fact the subprime mortgage crisis still has effect on property prices.

At this moment, in fact, buying a property represents a good plan of investment. However, realize an operation like this, needs the legal assistance of a qualified property lawyer in Sicily. An Italian real estate solicitor is, in fact, indispensable to draw up a immovable sale contract and avoid frauds. The Basilio Antoci’s Law Firm is a landmark for all English-spoken customers who needs assistance in property management and in real estate purchase.

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Legal assistance in immovable property

Real estate and contract law. Choose a good real estate Lawyer is the key for a good deal. Italy has a civil law system. This means that Italian law system is very different from a common law legal system. The solicitor in Sicily have to know the general contract law. Then he has to know the special real estate law. So he have to apply rules by different laws: he have to be able to draw up a contract compliant to the immovable property law. All this, in addition to the ability to negotiate and protect his client. So it’s clear that these particular knowledge and capabilities do not belong to realtor or public notary.

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Solicitor Basilio Antoci’s real estate Law Firm

Lawyer in Nicolosi, Catania, Sicily. Knowledge of the law; ability to negotiate; ability to draw up a secure contract: our Law Firm can do that! Basilio Antoci’s Law Firm is based in Nicolosi (Catania – Sicily). Our lawyers operate in all of the Sicily and, also, in the Calabria. Property management. Consultation on real estate market operations. Mortgage take out. Commercial real estate. Building foreclosure. Real estate trust.

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