Debt collection in Italy

Debt collection in Italy

Debt collection in Italy

Basilio Antoci is an Italian lawyer who is a landmark for all procedures of debt collection in Italy from abroad. Distraints to recover your money.

Credits and debts in Italy

Debt collection in Italy Basilio Antoci Italian lawyer Solicitor

The variety of credits in Italy. The global market and business are based on credit. That is why there are creditors and debtors. Obligatory relationships are, therefore, physiological in the modern economy. Often, however, difficult situations or outright bad faith may break the obligatory relationships. When this happens, it is known as a pathological moment of contract performance.

The Italian civil law system recognizes credit rights. In fact, the Italian Civil Code opens the discipline of obligations by identifying their legal source. Thus, the debt-credit relationship arises from contract, tort, or from any other act or fact capable of producing it according to Italian Civil Law System. It may happen, therefore, that a foreigner has an ongoing contract with an Italian citizen. Or because he has suffered a civil or criminal wrongdoing in Italy. Or because he is in possession of an Italian or foreign judgment that awarding him a debt to be collected in Italy.

In all these cases, when the obligated debtor does not comply spontaneously, an Italian civil lawyer is essential to recover the debt in Italy.

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Debt collection and foreclosure

Recovering a loan in Italy. Recovering a credit in Italy is a procedure that only an Italian Civil Solicitor can do. It is, in fact, necessary to understand what type of credit is involved. What is the source of the credit. What are the conditions of validity of that credit in Italy.

If necessary, the Italian lawyer will first apply to obtain the effectiveness of the foreign judgment in Italy. Instead, if the source of the debt is a contract, the Italian lawyer will impeach the contract directly to the Italian court. In this way, the Italian Lawyer will obtain a judgment, an order, or an injunction against the debtor.

Only the Italian Civil Lawyer can choose the best between the different judicial actions to do. When the Lawyer obtain the judge decision, is it possible to start the distraint procedure.

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Basilio Antoci Lawyer Solicitor in Italy

Do you need to recover a debt in italy? Mr. Antoci (Attorney at law) is an Italian Lawyer and is able to find out if the debtor has real estate or bank accounts to foreclose on. He can do all of the procedures we have described in this article. To obtain legal counseling or legal assistance in Sicily or in Italy, you can push the button below.

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