Moving to Sicily buying a real estate

Moving to Sicily buying a real estate

Moving to Sicily

Moving to Sicily buying a real estate is a brilliant idea, but the legal assistance of a real estate Lawyer based in Catania is essential.

Moving to Sicily

Moving to Sicily with a real estate Lawyer

How to move in Sicily?. Sicily is a wonderful place! Sicilian people are warm and hospitable. So, on the internet there are many articles that illustrate the advantages of living in Sicily. There are, also, many low cost airline companies that guarantee routes to and from Sicily. So, reach the Sicily, is easy in our globalized world. East Sicily is easily reachable by plane, thanks to the international airport of Catania. It is also possible to arrive in Sicily via ferries, transporting your car or caravan. The highways also allow you to reach the various cities such as Catania, Palermo, Syracuse.

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Buying a real estate in Sicily

Sicilian real estate market. To buy an immovable in Sicily must have a budget and an idea of the kind of place you need. Sicily is an island that offers all kind of landscapes: large cities with apartments and condominiums, small seaside towns with beaches and hotels, mountains with trails, countryside and prairies, as well as volcanoes. Mount Etna, in fact, offers ski slopes in winter, nature trails in summer, with the sea of ​​the Gulf of Catania just a few minutes away. The east coast of the Sicily is the best real estate market for investors, or families who want to live in Europe. Syracuse coast is, also, a landmark for foreigners who loves seaside holidays.

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Real Estate Lawyer in Catania

Basilio Antoci’s Law Firm based in Nicolosi, Catania. Like anywhere in the world, investing in real estate requires planning. Infact, you need to know the urban planning law and the Civil Code law on contracts. Furthermore, it is necessary to know the practice and the legislation that regulates the relationship between the real estate agent and his client. First of all, the real estate lawyer must check the condition of reciprocity.

Unfortunately, realtors know nothing of this. Due to the crisis, in fact, many job seekers have reinvented themselves as real estate brokers, without having studied law or economics. In its experience, in fact, the Antoci Law Firm is often busy to settle disputes between real estate sellers and buyers due to poorly written real estate contracts. Disputes also arise between the clients and the real estate agent. So, moving to Sicily is easy, but requires the assistance of an Italian Real Estate Lawyer.

Whether you want to buy a property or just rent it, the guidance of a lawyer in negotiations and in drafting contracts is essential. Without the legal assistance of a contract lawyer, you risk losing opportunities and money.

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«Sicily represents a dreamy destination for many. The relatively low cost of estates, warm climate, and delicious food make it sound like a win-win situation. However, just like in a foreign country, buying a property in Sicily has its share of difficulties». by Serena Capilli quote – link below.

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